mardi 24 avril 2018

Top Albums 2017

  1. Chinese Man Shikantaza (Chinese Man Records)
  2. L’Entourloop Le Savoir Faire (X-Ray Prod)
  3. Inna De Yard The Soul Of Jamaica (Chapter Two/Wagram)
  4. Nattali Rize Rebel Frequency (Baco Records)
  5. SOJA Poetry In Motion (ATO Records)
  6. Alborosie Soul Pirate Acoustic (Baco Records)
  7. Jesse Royal Lily Of Da Valley (Easy Star/Bertus)
  8. Chronixx Chronology (Soul Circle Music)
  9. Yaniss Odua Nouvelle Donne (Caan Dun Music)
  10. Ginjah Roots (Stingray Records)


(pour Reggae Vibes Magazine #58 - février/mars 2018)

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